Wireless Fire Alarm Contract Wins

Our Fire division is pleased to announce our recent contract award to supply and install new fire alarm and aspiration systems at Clacton Town Hall for Tendring District Council. Looking forward to starting this project next week. We have also been successful in a tender process to provide a new EMS wireless fire alarm system at a local primary school.  A team of 5 engineers will be working on this project over coming bank holiday weekend Need a new fire alarm? Check out our fire pages

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CCTV & GDPR: Everything You Need to Know

Cctv GDPR 'The devil is in the detail' is a phrase which comes to mind when speaking about the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). The obvious topics surrounding the application of the regulation's articles have been extensively discussed, leaving behind those tricky and often overlooked details. One such area, is the usage of CCTV (Close Circuit Television) to capture images of data subjects, whether that be for security or health and safety purposes. Identifiable imagery is considered as personal data under the GDPR and therefore, at a data protection level, requires the same level of thought and care that [...]

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Fire Safety, Flats & Tower Blocks: What You Need To Know

Adequate fire safety in flats, tower blocks and purpose-built flats is vital, to protect the lives and homes of residents. As seen with the awful fire which raged through Grenfell Tower in North Kensington in London recently, fires in tower blocks can be devastating, even resulting in loss of life. To help residents, managing agents and landlords, we have pulled together a simple guide to fire safety in flats & tower blocks, with the aim of keeping occupants safe and preventing another such tragedy. If, after reading this article, you have any questions, please call our expert team on 01255 423345. [...]

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What Does Your Alarm Box Say About Your Property?

Do you have one of these alarm boxes on your property? Did you know that PP Alarms haven't been about for over 10 years now!? Q. What does having one of these alarm boxes on the outside of your premises really say about your security? A. Un-serviced, non-maintained and probably not working. It isn't hard to check the integrity of someone's security system, we all walk around with the Internet in our pockets. A quick Google search for the alarm company on your bell box will soon show that they no longer exist and that your system will be dated and [...]

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Power Outage & Alarm Systems: What You Need To Know

Power Cuts Can Cause Unwanted Activations For Your Intruder Alarms. A correctly serviced alarm system should run on battery for 8-12 hours plus. If your unserviced system is effected by a power cut, your external siren will probably activate. You won't be able to stop the siren from sounding. The good news is the sounder should have a timer which will stop the noise after 15-20 mins with no power. (Some really old sounders don't have a timer though!) The bad news is, if the power comes back on & off again all night, your 15-20min timer will keep kicking in [...]

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