TTSS can supply and install all types of CCTV system, including analogue, High Definition (HD) and IP camera types.

Investing in CCTV for your home or commercial premises is one of the most effective ways to enhance security and gain greater peace of mind, and thanks to the range of quality CCTV systems available from our team, finding the right surveillance system for your property couldn’t be simpler.

Why Choose TTSS for Your CCTV System?

Unlike some companies, we do not install CCTV kits but instead, work with each individual client to design a bespoke system which matches your individual requirements and provide written system design proposals with full specifications of all equipment to be used.

Our range of products include:

  • External Eyeball with inbuilt infra-red or white light illumination
  • Vandal-resistant mini-domes
  • High-speed domes with presets and automatic tours
  • Covert cameras
  • Vehicle Number Plate Recognition (VNPR) cameras, with the added ANPR for integration with access control systems

We can supply digital recorders (DVR) and NVR for IP systems, all with large hard drives to enable you to maintain lengthy archives of footage for future reference.

All recorders are Ethernet compatible and can be remotely accessed from your PC, laptop, smart phone or iPad to enable you to remain aware of what is going on at home or at the office, even when you are away.

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