At TTSS & Newtech We Now Have Our Very Own Cherry Picker & Its Available For Hire!

Boom specification:

 Working height: 12.5m (41ft)
Outreach limit: 6m (20ft) from front/side of van

Outreach only 3m from back of van
 Load capacity: 230kg (507lbs)
 Working width: 2.80m (9ft 3”)
360 degree boom rotation

Vehicle chassis:

 Ford Transit T350
 3500kg GVW
 300kg storage capacity

Travel dimensions:

 Stowed height: 3.48m (11ft 5”)
 Stowed width: 2.20m (7ft 3”)
Stowed length: 7.26m (23ft 10”)

Is Our Machine Right For You?

Powered access delivers a real alternative to traditional at height access that’s typically static, with equipment taking time to erect and dismantle.

With a van mounted cherry picker, we can deliver the benefit of mobility: complete one job, then simply move the powered access platform on to the next.

Baskets can stay flush to larger surface areas with no need to keep setting up and down.
Outriggers enable working on gradients that non-jacking self propelled platforms can’t manage.
The footprint of our machine (even with outriggers deployed) fits easily within a standard car park space.

Please ensure that our machine will be adequate both in terms of the maximum working height you need along with the maximum outreach required.

It should also be noted that our machine is designed as a work platform for people to work at height with light loads (see SWL restriction on basket) and should, under no circumstances be used as materials hoists.

When considering a vehicle mounted cherry picker, think about site specific issues including access to site:

  • Ground conditions – does working include gradients?
  • Adequate ventilation if working internally
  • Overhead obstructions including power lines
  • Any site permission you may need to work (including full or partial road closures)

It’s worth checking with the end client if there are site specific regulations you must adhere to including onsite Health & Safety Inductions and whether they stipulate that users of van mount cherry pickers need IPAF certification.

We cannot provide on-site site surveys for all sites you may want to hire us for, we will be more than happy to carry out a survey based on site pictures or drawings and  the use of “ google street view ” contact our site surveyor on 01255 423345.

Weather Conditions

Please be mindful of the weather conditions when booking to hire our vehicle.

We recommend that the machine is only considered for use if the following can be met:

  •  Ground Conditions: On concrete, tarmac or hardcore based surfaces or on very well drained level ground conditions. Please be aware that obviously heavy rain may compromise this surface and site inspection on the day should be made in advance of usage to check for water logging.
  • When using in snow, the ground must be cleared to determine a safe position for the outrigger deployment.
  • Wind Speed: Generally it is accepted that the maximum wind speed in which an operator can work comfortably, is 12.5 m/s (28 mph).

Wind speed can be measured with a hand held anemometer and estimated using the Beaufort Scale of Wind Force of 6 ( which as a rule of thumb can be ascertained when large tree branches are in motion.) Please note, it is very important to realise that wind speed increases with height and may be 50% greater at a height of 20 metres above ground level.

You should be aware of the shielding and funnelling effects of high buildings which may cause high wind speeds on days when the wind speed in open areas is low. Other sources of local high wind speed to consider are aircraft slipstreams at airports and high sided vehicles on motorways.

Additional care must be taken when handling building cladding, sheet materials, panels and other such materials which can act as “sails” and seriously affect the stability of a MEWP, especially in gusty wind conditions. For the same reason, signboards and the like must not be applied even temporarily to the platform

HIRE RATES (all with IPAF trained operator)

Call-out and Hourly rate

Call-out rate including the 1st hour travel/onsite – £95.00+VAT

Per hour rate for subsequent hours after call-out £75.00+VAT per hour

Day Rates

Half Day Rate (4 hours) inc travel time £280.00+VAT

Full day Rate (8 Hours) inc travel time to site £550+VAT

Cancellation policy

In the event of cancelling an order TTSS must be notified the day prior to hire (cancellations for Mondays need to be received the Friday prior) no later than 4.30pm. Cancellation later than this will be subject to a fixed price cancellation fee of £100 Licences/Tests/Insurance

Our vehicle is Fully insured both for Road use and Full Public liability.

Our vehicle holds valid MOT & LOLER Certificates

All our operators hold a Valid Drivers licence & IPAF Licences