Do you have one of these alarm boxes on your property?

PP alarms

Did you know that PP Alarms haven’t been about for over 10 years now!?

Q. What does having one of these alarm boxes on the outside of your premises really say about your security?

A. Un-serviced, non-maintained and probably not working.

It isn’t hard to check the integrity of someone’s security system, we all walk around with the Internet in our pockets. A quick Google search for the alarm company on your bell box will soon show that they no longer exist and that your system will be dated and most likely not working, instantly raising your risk level as a potential target for burglary.

What can I do?

If you have an old security system call us to discuss updating it. Quite often we can service your old system and make sure it is performing to its full potential and most importantly, we will update your 1st line of defence & main visual deterrent, your external siren!

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